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The Wisdom of the Flavor!
Related to poultry production since the mid-70s.

NUTRIAVES was founded in 2001, being the result of the experience of its founder members in poultry production since the mid-1970s.
The company is integrated in a group of family owned companies with activities that complement each other, such as poultry production and the production of animal feed.
NUTRIAVES started working in July 24, 2002 engaged in the production of fresh and frozen turkey products. Being aware of the market trends, the company designs, develops and invests in processed and prepared meat products since 2006. Good, healthy, quick and easy to prepare food.
The company continues to rely on projects to innovate its products since September 2012 with renewed facilities and equipment. The aim is to guarantee the quality and the satisfaction of the costumers.
NUTRIAVES seeks to ensure the provision of quality products to its clients through the implementation of measures, procedures, techniques and other forms of rationalization of means, exploitation of synergies, creation and efficiency of the value chain for all stakeholders.